About DucksFor far too many of us, when one mentions the animal "duck" either one, or both, of the following images comes to mind:

-something to be hunted and killed for "sport"
-or a tasty animal protein, covered with orange sauce, served in a Chinese restaurant

However, when one spends enough time with one or more of these delightful creatures a very different image comes to mind. One finds that these are lovely and lovable creatures, who are curious, seem to be happy to be alive almost all of the time, active, very social, hearty, have their own distinct "personality", and are both fun and soothing to be around. Their waddling gait and quacking just seem to make them even more endearing. Each has its own unique way of interacting with their environment, and their fellow creatures. Ask anyone who has had one or more as pets and they will tell you the same thing.

To view these little beings only as "things" to be killed for sport, and eaten for pleasure, is a testament to our lack of empathy for their plight, as well as a lack of understanding of their unique natures. Henry Beston so wisely stated that these creatures are not our underlings, but other "nations" who share our planet. They deserve our respect, our compassion, and our aide in time of need.

A large percentage of new arrivals at our Rescue were previously someone's much loved pet. Due to a death of their owner, or because the owners had to move to a different location that wouldn't allow such a pet, they are usually just dropped off at a local pond to fend for themselves. Being flightless, due to domestic inbreeding, and having never been raised "in the wild," they are absolutely defenseless. Their chances of surviving a week in the wild are almost zero. Either starvation or predation will soon end their lives.

Our mission at the Rescue, is to give these sweet souls a second chance, in a safe, quality, and loving environment. Truthfully, we love what we do.

As Christ so eloquently stated:

"As you treat the least of them, so you treat me."

In closing, we hope you agree with the worth and necessity of our endeavor, and will join us in our mission. We look forward to hearing from you.

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